• Professional management
    • Maximum quality in all processes
    • Company internationalization
    • Products geared to each market
    • Competitiveness and profitability in the services and products of our members

With these values, a group of highly qualified people with great experience have managed to satisfy customers with our products. We produce and market what each customer and market demand. We were one of the first wineries in Castilla-La Mancha to start bottling wines around the year 1960, with the so-called PÁLIDOS DE MANZANARES and TINTOS FINOS, before in time developing our leading D.O. LA MANCHA YUNTERO brand, the LAZARILLO brand as WINE FROM TIERRA DE CASTILLA and VIÑA ALTAIR as a wine without any PGI, as well as dozens of brands of our customers.

We were also pioneers in Castilla-La Mancha in committing ourselves to producing the first wines from ORGANIC FARMING, being able to name ORGANIC WINES today that are covered by our MUNDO DE YUNTERO label.

In the 1970s, we already had a clear objective: exports. 40 years later, we have a presence in over 17 countries worldwide and international markets represent 85% of our sale.

Our goal is still the marketing of our bottled wines in various formats, names and varieties. Although, motivated by the significant potential of the wines we make each year, we also produce high quality wines in bulk each year that our customers demand: a la carte wines, varietal wines, coupages of different varieties, wines in barrels... all of them Crianzas with tangential filtration and cold stabilization.

Our whole sales policy is based on quality, so we have ISO, BRC/IFS and NOP certification, being endorsed by numerous awards obtained annually in different national and international competitions where our wines are presented.

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