White wine production

For the production of white grape varieties (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Moscatel and Macabeo) night harvests are carried out in order to preserve the characteristics of these noble varieties.

Upon reception at the winery, the white grape is inserted in self-emptying tanks where slight pre-fermentation maceration takes place, very beneficial in the case of white grape varieties, in which we obtain the extraction of aromatic precursors from the grape skins. In these grape varieties this maceration usually lasts about 5-8 hours. In the case of Airén grapes this is not what is sought and we simply use self-emptying tanks in order to obtain the highest percentage of free-run juice, no prefermentation maceration being performed in this case.

The free-run juice is obtained without any pressure by direct bleeding from this self-emptying tank and is then taken for static clearing, which through decanting we are able to clean the must to leave it in optimal turbidity conditions for fermentation. The static clearing of must takes place at very low temperatures in order to maintain the must without initiating fermentation. This is achieved by maintaining musts at low temperatures of 8-10° C in the case of difficult variety grapes (48 hr of clearing) or 12° C in the case of grapes from easier varieties (24 hr clearing). Isothermal tanks are used, equipped with inner jackets and -80 C glycol water installation for clearing the musts.

This clean free-run juice is brought to controlled temperature fermentation between 13 and 16º C, very low temperatures that favour the extraction of greater aromatic expression. At these low temperatures fermentation usually lasts about 20 days. Low temperatures and the clarity with which the must is brought to fermentation are the key factors in obtaining greater aromatic expression in the wines.

After fermentation has finished, the wine is quickly racked to remove its fermentation lees. The wine is subsequently clarified and filtered.

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