Red wine production

For red wine production, we have a new winemaking process (Ganymede system) in which we submit the red grape to increased maceration over a short period of time compared to traditional technologies. Moreover, this maceration takes place without the use of pumps or any aid other than the actual generation of carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.

We thereby achieve greater colour extraction over a short time and we therefore subject the red grape to a shorter maceration period. We thus obtain wines with good colour intensity but also very smooth in the mouth due to the shorter period of maceration of the grapes during fermentation. Another beneficial aspect of this system is the increased extraction of aromatic compounds, thereby obtaining more fruity wines.

For young wines, maceration/fermentation takes about 5-6 days, while wines in which we want to achieve greater complexity in the mouth and that are destined for barrel aging are subjected to more prolonged maceration of up to 12 -14 days.

The fermentation temperature is about 24° C.

Once racked, and after the completion of malolactic fermentation, the wines are prepared for their different purposes: bottling (young wine) or aging in mixed oak barrels (French and American oak integrated in the same barrels).

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